E-WERK Galerie für Gegenwartskunst
Solmaz Daryani & Sabina Shikhlinskaya

Solmaz Daryani: The Eyes of Earth / Sabina Shikhlinskaya: Life on Borrow // Double exhibition

Iran / Azerbaijan

Vernissage and artist talk

Tue 06/04/24 | 7:00 pm 

In "The Eyes of Earth", Iranian photographer Solmaz Daryani addresses the consequences of politically influenced environmental exploitation using the example of Lake Urmia in Iran. Drawing on personal childhood memories and her family history, she shows the profound effects of the drying up and increase in salinity on people, landscapes and ecosystems.

In "Life on Borrow - Borrowed Life", Baku-based artist Sabina Shikhlinskaya uses video installations to question the lack of critical reappraisal of the post-Soviet past. What are the destructive effects of endless wars and military conflicts on memory, cultural heritage and human and natural habitats?

The double exhibition can be seen from 06/05/24 to 07/14/24 in the Galerie für Gegenwartskunst.

Curation Heidi Brunnschweiler 
Website gegenwartskunst-freiburg.de
Free admission to the vernissage and artist talk