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Die Wand (360°)


Climate change and utopia

Sat 06/08/24 | 7:30–8:45 pmTickets
Sun 06/09/24 | 7:30–8:45 pmTickets
Mon 06/10/24 | 7:30–8:45 pm Tickets

On Sunday, 9th June there will be an audience discussion after the performance.

Suddenly there is a wall. In the middle of the landscape – invisible, impenetrable, endless. Just yesterday she was waving after her cousin, who just wanted to pop into the village - today she wakes up and finds herself alone in her hunting lodge. Together with some animal companions, the narrator gets to know the beauty and horror of untamed nature far away from civilization, experiences moments of great sadness and surprising contentment, feels loneliness and freedom in equal measure. Just when she no longer expects it, a man suddenly appears in the seclusion of her existence. Is this the end of the nightmare? Or its beginning? 

Whether a fundamental critique of civilization, a story of emancipation, science fiction, a female Robinsonade or a description of a post-nuclear apocalypse - Marlen Haushofer's 1963 novel has been interpreted in many ways since then. Thomas Krupa transforms the novel into a virtual reality short film and focuses on Haushofer's almost prophetic critique of ecology. The social correctives have failed and so, after an apocalypse, the trapped woman looks back on her life, which was characterized by alienation, haste and a belief in progress. In symbiosis with nature, she finds a new identity. Her attempt to live in harmony with her natural environment becomes a sensually tangible experience through the means of virtual reality.

For Die Wand (360°), Thomas Krupa (director, screenplay) and Tobias Bieseke (VR artist) were awarded the prestigious German theater prize DER FAUST in the genre jumping category. 

“We look around, settle in too, are defenceless in this isolation – and like that ”Die Wand (360°)" becomes a grandiose double play (…) There is no backstage – everything can be seen and explored. Direction, acting, stage design, set and soundscape interweave to create an impressive overall experience." 

- JURY of the German Theatre Award DER FAUST 


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The woman Floriane Kleinpaß
Lynx Alexey Ekimov
Luise Sabine Osthoff
Hugo Stefan Migge
The man Stefan Diekmann
Townspeople Hendrik Berbuir, AnnemarieBottek, Wolfgang Grafers, Manfred Herrmann, Angelika Husemann, Laura Mangala,Chiara Mourinho Doh, Stefan Peterburs, Clara Schamp, Kaye Amalia Stommel, Sabine Urgesi, Sylvelin Zenk-Kurschinski

Director Thomas Krupa
VR artist Tobias Bieseke 
Costumes Moni Gora
Music Hannes Strobl 
Spatial Audio Postproduction Thomas Koch 
Production and set management Friederike Külpmann 
Set Sound Markus Hesse, Adrian Kareev, Reinhard Münchmeyer, MarkeRabe
Lighting design Darius Engineer 
Dramaturgy Carola Hannusch, Vera Ring
VR application Jan Schulten
Technical coordination & VR equipment Markus Hesse