Lia Rodrigues Companhia de Danças



Climate change and utopia

Thu 06/06/24 | 8:00–9:00 pmTickets
Fri 06/07/24 | 8:00–9:00 pm  Tickets

The word "encantado", from the Latin word "incantatus", refers to something is the subject of an enchantment or a magical spell. It is also a synonym for wounding – amazement, astonishment or fascination. In Brazil, the term also refers to beings that – animated by unknown forces – between heaven and earth. They are creatures that cross time and transform themselves into various expressions of nature. Overexploitation and other actions that threaten life on earth through the systematic destruction of forests, rivers and oceans also affect the existence of the Encantados.

The production of the same name by Lia Rodrigues Companhia de Danças, which was produced in connection with the –  the health crisis caused by Covid-19, chose the title Encantado out of a desire to use magic and incantation to guide the creative process experienced at this dramatic moment in Brazil. How can we enchant our fears and bring ourselves into the collective, into the proximity of others? How can we conjure up our ideas and our bodies and transform them into images, dances and landscapes? 

After her acclaimed guest performance Fúria 2022, Lia Rodri returns with this utopian play, a co-production with the Theater Freiburg. 

"In this colorful choreographic narrative, we recognize the desire for rebellion that is always present in Lia Rodrigues (...) In ‘Encantado’, it takes the form of a parade, sometimes even a fashion show, with the choreographer's clear talent for large group movements."

- Rosita Boisseau, Le Monde 

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A cooperation with the dance department of Theater Freiburg and co-production of Theater Freiburg 

Created and directed by Lia Rodrigues
Danced created in collaboration by Leonardo Nunes, Carolina Repetto, Valentina Fittipaldi, Andrey Da Silva, Larissa Lima, Ricardo Xavier, David Abreu, Tiago Oliveira, Raquel AlexandrAlso danced by Felipe Vian and Dandara Patroclo
Collaboration creation Alice Alves, Daline Ribeiro, Sanguessuga, Cayo Almeida, Vitor de Abreu, Carolina Repetto, Joana Castro, Matheus Macena, Ricardo Xavier, Tiago Oliveira
Assistant creator and director Amália Lima
Dramaturgy Silvia Soter
Photos Sammi Landweer
Lighting design Nicolas Boudier with technical assistance from Baptistine Méral and Magali Foubert
Soundtrack & Mixing Alexandre Seabra (based on excerpts from songs by the Guarani Mbya people/Kalipety Village of the Tenondé Porã Indigenous Land, sung and played during the march of indigenous peoples in Brasilia, in August and September 2021, against the "time frame", an unconstitutional measure that harms the present and future of all generations of indigenous peoples.
International production and distribution Colette de Turville, with assistance from Astrid Toledo
Administration France Jacques Segueilla
Production Brazil Gabi Gonçalves/Corpo Rastreado
General production of teMaré Arts Center 2022 Claudia Oliveira
Idealization and production of the Goethe Institute's support project Claudia Oliveira
Secretary and administration Glória Laureano
Teachers Amalia Lima, Sylvia Barretto, Valentina Fittipaldi
Social Media Raquel Alexandre and Dandara Patroclo with the collaboration of Carolina Repetto
Maré Season Production Assistance Ricardo Xavier, Inês Assumpção and Ayla Gabriela

Website liarodrigues.com