not standing / Alexander Vantournhout

Foreshadow // Dance


Democracy and resistance

Thu 06/13/24 | 7:30–8:45 pmTickets

An introduction will take place at 19:00 and the performance will be followed by an artist talk in English, both of which will take place in the Winterer Foyer of Theater Freiburg. The dance performance takes place without language. 

Overcoming gravity together – that is the goal of the eight performers in FORESHADOW. At first glance it seems completely impossible, but the performers turn the idea into reality with playful ease and impressive physicality. They explore almost unthinkable balances, challenge each other and defy the laws of gravity. The starting point for this extraordinary, daring choreography at the interface of contemporary dance, acrobatics and new circus is a wall that is almost six meters high and stretches across the entire width of the stage. It is not a static background or mere backdrop, but becomes the ninth performer on the stage itself, with the help of which horizontal movements are transferred to the vertical. In his works, Alexander Vantournhout is always looking for the creative and kinetic potential of physical boundaries and experiments with the relationship between performer and object. With FORESHADOW, he continues this process and creates a constantly changing landscape of human sculptures. Like cogwheels of a collective body, they move to the sounds of the experimental avant-garde rock band This Heat and open up completely new dimensions of body mechanics.

"Between the wall scenes, the dancers always manage to find each other – due to the shadows there seem to be more than just eight of them sometimes – and become entangled with each other. Sometimes this seems random, and the music by This Heat, an experimental avant-garde rock band from the 70s, reinforces this feeling. But there is a strong choreography behind it: the eight never have to search for each other on stage. They know exactly what they have to do."

- Het Nieuwsblad

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A cooperation with the dance department of Theater Freiburg and co-production of Theater Freiburg

Concept and choreography Alexander Vantournhout
Design and performance Noémi Devaux, Axel Guérin, Patryk Kłos, Nick Robaey, Josse Roger, Emmi Väisänen/Margaux Lissandre, Esse Vanderbruggen & Alexander Vantournhout/Chia-Hung Chung
Dramaturgy Rudi Laermans & Sébastien Hendrickx
Rehearsal director Sandy Williams
Costumes Patty Eggerickx
Assistant Costumes Isabelle Airaud
Music This Heat 
Lighting design Bert Van Dijck
Sound Ruben Nachtergaele
Tour planning Frans Brood Productions
Management Esther Maas
Technical coordination Bram Vandeghinste & Rinus Samyn
Production and tour management Barbara Falter, Aïda Gabriëls & Kiki Verschueren