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Irgendwo anders // Animated Story on a chalkboard


War and childhood

Fri 06/15/24 | 6:00–6:45 pm Tickets
Sat 06/16/24 | 4:00–4:45 pmTickets
Mon 06/17/24 | 10:00–10:45 amSchool performance 

The performance of IRGENDWO ANDERS will take place in German as part of the festival. 
Recommended for ages 7 and up 

IRGENDWO ANDERS tells the story of a little girl caught in the middle of war. Through her eyes, we see how a city is changing. Menacing planes circle in the sky, the streets are empty and there is no more food on the shelves of the stores. The schools are closed, shots can be heard nearby. Her surroundings are gradually changing to the point of unbearability. The girl's most desperat wish is to go to another country. She wants to go somewhere else, somewhere without war, somewhere more beautiful.

The production combines classical puppetry with live video, chalk drawings with projection. The story of the girl and her dog on the run unfolds on a rotating panel, blurring the boundaries between real and fictional images. In a gentle way, the play manages to illuminate the absurdity of war from the point of view of children and for children, an important, often neglected and sensitive perspective.

The Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, founded in 1948, is considered the most important puppet theater institution in Slovenia and is dedicated to continuing the long tradition of Slovenian puppetry. 

"With this play, the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre dares to tackle the controversial question of whether, when and how children can be expected to deal with the subject of war. The abstract form of theater can offer a basis for discussion, especially when it is implemented with such sensitivity as in this play."

- Monika Kühne, Volksblatt 


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The venue is not barrier-free. 

Authors Zala Dobovšek, Nina Šorak, Tin Grabnar, Asja Kahrimanović Babnik
Director Tin Grabnar
Cast Asja Kahrimanović Babnik
Art design Matija Medved
Stop-motion animation design Matija Medved, Lea Vučko
Dramaturgy Zala Dobovšek
Assistant director Nina Šorak
Costume design Sara Smrajc Žnidaršič
Music Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar
Video mapping design Boštjan Čadež
Video editing and assistance Lea Vučko
Animation Kolja Saksida
Sound effects designer Mateja Starič
Language coaching Metka Damjan
Lighting design Kristjan Vidner
Stage manager and sound design Aleš Erjavec
Video technology Aleš Erjavec, Slaviša Stevanović
Color correction Miran Bratuš
Stage technology Slavko Milošič
Set construction Sandra Birjukov, Marjetka Valjavec, Iztok Bobić, Zoran Srdić, Polona Černe, Uroš Mehle s. p., Matija Medved, Boštjan Čadež