Daniel Hellmann

Try Walking in my Hooves // Art walk with mini-concert


Climate change and utopia

Mon 06/10/24 | 6:00–7:20 pmTickets
Tue 06/11/24 | 6:00–7:20 pmTickets

Climate change and utopia

The performance takes place as a guided city tour. The tour starts at Café Marcel in the Stadtgarten. 

Animal rights, climate activism, music and queer feminism spiced up with a good dose of drag: that's Soya the Cow. The alter ego of performance artist, musician and activist Daniel Hellmann, who lives in Berlin and Zurich, blurs the boundaries between male and female, human and cow and manages the balancing act between a serious desire to change the world and a humorous lightness. After performing at animal rights and climate protests, in theaters and at art festivals and most recently on The Voice of Germany, the singing drag cow invites the audience to see their respective hometowns with different eyes. 

For TRY WALKING IN MY HOOVES, Soya the Cow takes the audience on a philosophical walk through Freiburg. The focus is on the presence of non-human bodies: dogs walking with their friends, pigeons that have turned a monument into their toilet, bodies of killed animals carried through the streets by people as food or clothing. 

Soya the Cow invites us to a change of perspective that questions our viewing habits and self-image. In a playful and musical way, it calls on us to redesign the relationship between humans and other animals on the basis of our shared animality. 

 "The Zurich singer, performer, dance and theater creator with philosophical armor from the university's forge is to the arts what veganism is to gastronomy: he is the answer to one and more crises of meaning

- NZZ 


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Artistic direction, concept, text, music and performance Soya the Cow / Daniel Hellmann 
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