Henrike Iglesias & junges theater basel

UNTITLED [2020] // Performance


67% Superpowers | 3% High German | 120% Empowerment

Thu    31.05.22, 7:00 – 8:20 pm      Tickets
Wed   01.06.22, 10:00 – 11:20 am   Tickets

Age recommendation: 14+ / Artist talk afterwards

In Swiss German with German subtitles

The urge to activism - we have to do something. But how? Together with young Basel women, the collective Henrike Iglesias questions in this piece development the emancipatory, empowering, politicizing potential of self-portraits and narratives on- and offline. In the past, especially female socialized people (hereafter referred to as women) have been extensively viewed, virtuously portrayed and aptly titled. Women who are saved. Women wearing pearl earrings. Women fighting with other women over men. Women smiling sheepishly. Women resting unhappily. Women whose heads didn't make it into the picture. Women lying on hoods of radiators. We know them all. We've seen them all. We can safely leave these images behind. The performers set out to leap into a new image, a new story, a new time. What versions of ourselves do we want to share? How and with what do we fill spaces? How do we describe the world? What do we want from it? Who hears us, who follows us, who connects with us? And how do we start a revolution together?

Henrike Iglesias are a feminist theater collective rooted in Berlin and Basel. They understand pop cultural and mass media phenomena as a mirror of social conditions and grievances and have made it their task to illuminate them from a feminist perspective. Together with players from the jungen theater basel, they put an exclamation point behind the question of whether it is worth standing up and raising one's voice with UNTITLED [2020].

Concept, Stage, Lighting, Video, Staging, Music and Sound design: Henrike Iglesias (Eva G. Alonso, Anna Fries, Laura Naumann, Malu Peeters, Marielle Schavan, Sophia Schroth)
Text: Henrike Iglesias & Ensemble
Costumes: Mascha Mihoa Bischoff
Dramaturgy: Uwe Heinrich
Technique: Claudio Bagno, Heini Weber
Assistance: Oriana Fasciati

With: Dilan Graf, Naila Soula, Elif Karcı, Pul Müller, Rabea Lüthi | 

"Among the strengths of the play, with which Henrike Iglesias and the ensemble trace the emancipatory and politicizing potential of the most diverse self-images, is the interplay of deep seriousness in the subject matter with the JTB-usual action scenes and a good pinch of situational comedy."      

- Anette Mahro, Badische Zeitung